The main activity of “Clear Beton” is the production and sales of admixtures and chemical agents for concrete.

Our admixtures are surface retarders applying for technology of vibratory casting.

We offer:

-          Free training of current technology for manufacturing exclusive products made with natural stone.

-          Free and accomplished information support of all technological processes.

-          Good delivery of admixtures for your manufacture.


“Washed concrete” or “exposed aggregate” technology is a form of manufacturing concrete items covered with natural stones. Nowadays the technology is in a great request for landscape gardening and exterior’s decor.

“Washed concrete” is a unique type of decorative material that is made on the basis of washing-off technology with the usage of concrete finishing layer retarders. The retarders are used for manufacturing natural stone surfaced items like outdoor planters and flowerpots, paving slabs, bricks, fencing elements, stair treads, cast-in-situ stairs, facade panels, litter bins, benches, landscape elements, as well as cast-in sidewalks and pedestrian areas.



If you have got any questions about our products including prices, payments and the ways of delivery do not hesitate to ask!